Religious parents



Dear D,

I’m eighteen in a few months time, but my parents are driving me crazy! They are both very religious  and complain about my friends (they’re not the right sort), my job (p/t supermarket worker) That’s not a good job, my boyfriend (he doesn’t believe in God) and so on. I love them dearly, and they have never been abusive in a physical way. However, my independence is being ‘squashed’. Should I leave home when I’m eighteen, or should I stay?



Dear Emma,

We had a friend with a similar situation that you find yourself in. Their parents were very strict to the point of interference. She left her home before her eighteenth birthday, because she couldn’t stand it, so I do understand.

I think its important to remember they have your best intention (according to their world). But their world may not be the right one for you. It sounds like you’re sensible enough to make a good sound decision. But I would suggest you sit down with your parents and have a chat, about how you feel – they obviously love you and you ‘ve said you love them. Tell them exactly how you feel with a calm carefully planned, it could well be that they don’t realise how their religious beliefs are affecting you. bring into the conversation that you are so upset you are thinking about moving out in a few months time.

Ask D



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