debrDear D,

I’ve run up credit cards and loans to the value of nearly £30,000. I am managing to pay the monthly payments, but only have a few pounds left each month to to eat and have fun. What should I do?

Thanks Nigel


Dear Nigel,

You are not alone, many people find themselves in situations like yourself. Fear not there is help available. People like Citizen Advice, or Pay plan, or National Debtline, or Stepchange are all there to help you get debt free as soon as possible, and to offer advice one what to do. There are other services available, but make sure the one you pick is FREE, if they charge (which many do) it’ll meaness money each month.

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Dear D

Me and my friend stole some items from a shop twenty years ago, and since then we have both felt really guilty. We recently owned up to our parents, who were said it was such a long time ago, to forget it. Do you think we should try to repay the money or forget it?



Dear Cynthia,

Firstly, let me ask do these shops still even exist? If so that means they didn’t go out of business because of your  little one time theft. But I realise these things can weigh heavy on people and obviously this is what has happened to you and your friend. You’ve made a step in the right direction by confessing to your parents. For the next stage and to make amends I’d suggest you do either of the following things. Firstly, either write a letter to the companies head office with some recompense and a letter of apologise.  The second option is why not make a donation to your favourite charity, explaining the story behind it. Either way, while we don’t condone stealing, it isn’t such a big deal. But as you need to  ‘get it off your chest’, please do one of the items we have suggested

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